The Solo Albums..........

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Farewell Sunshine (1976)  LP MRM 001

Farewell Sunshine/Song for the Memory/Miguel/Sunshine on my Shoulders/Outward Bound/Today/Lonely/Casey’s Last Ride/Katie’s Suite: Katie is the Song/Lady that I can call mine/Homecoming/Katie’s Summer

(Album out of print - search ebay/musicstack or Discogs for copies) CD transfer can be offered from this site

 What I did on my Holidays (2004)  PTR 003CD

Sea Captain’s Bed/Nightshift Worker/Dark Fears of Love Lost/Rain/Looking for a way to go/In Dreams Now/Without You/Exodus/Hi’way Songs/Could’ve Been

Something Old... Something New’d (2010) PTR004

Waiting/Slept Through Indiana/Sea of Dreams/She Knows/Hi’Way Songs

An EP with three new songs and two new arrangements - including ‘Waiting’ from the forthcoming ‘Train to Somewhere Else’


 Train to Somewhere Else (TBA) PTR 005CD

Introduction/Waiting/Exodus/Billy Driver/City of Hate/Dandy/None of your Business/Ceasar/Lullaby for Evie/Nightshift Worker/Star Search/Is there a train?

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