Rhys will be next performing:-


Sept 11th            Royston Folk Club

August 22nd      Cambridge Acoustic Nights - You Tube Live

August 5th         Hurst Point Virtual Campfire 5th with Derk Hurst Live on YouTube (Visit Facebook page for details)

July 22nd           Hurst Point Virtual Campfire Fore with Derek Hurst Live on YouTube (Visit Facebook page for details)

July 11th            Cambridge Acoustic Nights - YouTube live

July 8th              Hurst Point Virtual Campfire with Derek Hurst Live on You Tube (Visit Facebook page for details)

July 3rd              Cambridge Folk Club (Virtual Open Stage Online)

June 27th            Hurst Point Virtual Campfire with Derek Hurst Live on You Tube (Visit Facebook page for details)

June 20th          Cambridge Acoustic Nights - Facebook live (Cambridge Acoustic Nights Page)

June 17th          Hurst Point Virtual Campfire (with Derek Hurst) - Live to Canada on You Tube Live (23:30 - 00:15)

June 11th.          Great Bardfield Folk Club (Postponed)

May 23rd           Cambridge Acoustic Nights      Facebook Live (Cambridge Acoustic Nights Page)    

May 2nd             Hauxton Village Hall (Postponed - new date to be confirmed)

April 30th            Rock Road (Postponed - New date to be confirmed)

March 30th.       Album promotion on Cambridge 105 7:00pm (Show will be re-broadcast 7:00pm April 6th, 3:00am April 8th)

March 21st.        Yakut, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga) (Cancelled)

March 7th.           Cambridge Acoustic Nights *ALBUM LAUNCH*

Feb 29th            Ian Daborn Show - Cambridge 105

Feb 24th            Taproom, St Ives

Feb 14th.           Yakurt, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Feb 8th.             Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Feb 5th              Acoustic Club, Bishops Stortford

Feb 1st.             Yakurt, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Jan 18th            Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Jan 4th              Yakurt, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Jan 3rd              Louise Wilson Show (Cambridge 105 - listen to the podcast here)


Dec    7th         Meridian Choir Christmas Concert

Nov.   16th.       Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Oct.    26th.       Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Oct.    23rd.       The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Oct.    19th.       Breast Cancer Care Charity Concert, Colne, Cambridgeshire 

Oct.    9th.         The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Sept.  21st.        Cambridge Acoustic Nights 

Sept  18th.         The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Sept  11th.         The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge (with Liuba Doga)

Sept  8th.          Woodfest, Hatfield Forest (with John Meed)

Aug  31st.         Cambridge Acoustic Nights

July 14th          Art n Soul, St Neots (solo and with Karen MacWhinnie)

July 13th          Bluntisham, Huntingdon (with Meridian Choir and solo)

July 8th            Cambridge Acoustic Nights

June 29th          Madingley Hall, Cambridge (with Steve Logan)

June 23rd.        The Harrison, Camden (solo and with Bernard Hoskin)

June 15th         House Concert, St Neots (with Karen MacWhinnie and John Meed)

June 8th.          Cambridge Acoustic Nights ( with John Meed)

June 5th.          Bury Folk Collective, Bury St Edmunds - (with John Meed)

May 26th.         CB2 ( supporting Liuba Doga)

May 26th          Milton Keynes (with San Remo)

May 25th.         Cambridge Acoustic Nights (with Karen MacWhinnie)

Mar 23rd.          Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Mar 15th.          Cambridge Folk Club ( with Lizzie Taylor and Sandra O'Neill)

Feb 23rd.          Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Feb 13th.          Four Rivers Folk Club, Hertford (with John Meed)

Feb 2nd.           Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Jan 25th.          Cambridge Folk Club (with John Meed}

Jan 19th.          Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Jan  5th.           Babel Arts Centre, Stoke Newington (with Bernard Hoskin)


Jan 23rd           Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Feb 10th             Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Feb 24th             Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Sept 8th           Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Sept 23rd         Royston Festival ( 2-sets with John Meed)

Sept 27th         Devonshire Arms, Cambridge (with Lizzie Taylor)

Oct   6th           Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Oct   8th           Carlton Arms, Cambridge (with John Meed)

Oct 10th           Hertford Folk Club  (with John Meed)

Nov 10th          CB2 Cambridge, (with John Meed)

Nov 17th          Stansfield Music Concert (with John Meed)

Dec 1st.           Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Dec 7th.           Cambridge Folk Club (with Liz and Sandra)

Dec 15th.         Cambridge Acoustic Nights


Jan  14th       Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Jan  27th       Cambridge Folk Club (with John Meed)

Jan 28th        Graverley Barn - (with Crooked Tree)

April 8th         Cambridge Acoustic Nights

April 16th       Great Massingham (with Crooked Tree)

April 29th       Cambridge Acoustic Nights

July 8th           Bracknell Arts Centre

July 22nd        Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Sept 9th          Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Sept 16th        Boom-Boom, Sutton FC, Sutton (With Steve Logan)

Sept 23rd        Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Dec 16th           Cambridge Folk Club (with John Meed)


Oct  22nd  -    Acoustic Routes (Supporting  Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin))

Oct  29th   -    Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Oct  30th  -     Oxjam (with Crooked Tree)

Nov 12th -      Cambrdige Acoustic Nights

Nov 13th -      Great Massingham with Steve Logan

Nov 14th -      Carpenters Arms, Cambridge (with John Meed)

Nov 18th        Portland Arms, Cambridge  (with Steve Logan)

Nov 26th        Cambridge Acoustic Nights

Dec  3rd         Acoustic Routes, Cambridge (with Crooked Tree)

Dec  6th         Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Steve Logan)

Dec 10th        Cambridge Acoustic Nights

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